Welcome to 5th Edition of ❝ Le Salon de L'informatique: Digital Technologies & Covid'19 Pandemic ❞

The Faculty of New Technologies of Information and Communication (NTIC) of Constantine 2 – Abdelhamid Mehri University organizes the long-awaited event which is the computer science fair or the well-known as ‘’Le Salon de l’Informatique’’. The latter allows all amateurs, professionals and computer enthusiasts to manifest and to bring all their know-how in an extraordinary dynamic and an imperturbable seriousness throughout the period of the fair. This scientific event addresses not only teachers and students but also the different partners and professionals in the field of new technologies, with the objective of keeping up with the spectacular evolution of computer science.

This year and after the success of the four previous editions held in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019, in its 5th edition, “Le Salon de l’Informatique” will be focused on Digital technologies and COVID’19 pandemic : Challenges and opportunities. This event will take place on Tuesday 29th December 2020, in the IT Room of the TIC faculty campus. A very rich program is planned including virtual conferences, virtual workshops, virtual stands as well as virtual competitions. National and international experts will be there to present innovative ideas and leading-edge products.
Let’s enjoy this event !

What We Offer
Join us and see a group of impactful people gathers to deliver incredible speeches : Dr. BOUACHE Mourad, Dr. Riyadh BAGHDADI, Pr. BAIG Mohammad Hassan and Pr. DRIAS Habiba
10 amazing workshops to attend and get a hands-on experience on verious IT topics from our current and ex-NTIC students!
Join us on an algorithms solving competition on HackerRank and win awesome prizes!
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