Salon de l’informatique’20

In the fifth edition of the “The International IT Constantine 2 Fair: Digital Technologies & Covid’19 Pandemic”, the focus was on digital technologies, COVID’19 pandemic and its challenges and opportunities. The 2020 edition of this event was special as it was held totally online, and contained many talks, workshops and conferences with national and international [...]

Salon de l’informatique’17

Salon de l'informatique’17 Veille technologique et innovation estudiantine ABOUT[About Conference]Welcome to the 3rd Edition of the International IT Constantine 2 Fair 2017 After the success of the previous two editions which were held in 2015 and 2016,In its third edition "Le salon de l'informatique". was held from Monday 11 to Wednesday December 13, 2017, at [...]

Salon de l’informatique’16

Salon de l'informatique’16 To the internet of things (IoT) ABOUT[About Conference]Welcome to the 2nd Edition of the International IT Constantine 2 Fair 2016 Faculty of New Information Technology and  Communication Department (NTIC) organized the second version of "Le salon de l'informatique" at the University of Constantine 2 from 13 to 15 December 2016. During this [...]

Salon de l’informatique’15

Salon de l'informatique’2015 New information and communications technology ABOUT[About Conference]Welcome to the 1st Edition of the International IT Constantine 2 Fair 2015 On the occasion of Constantine Capital of Arab Culture 2015, the Faculty of New Information Technologies and Communication (NTIC) of Abdelhamid Mehri University - Constantine 2, organized the first edition of the computer [...]

Salon de l’informatique’19

Salon de l'informatique’19 Artificial Intelligence, Smart & Affective Computing   ABOUT[About Conference]Welcome to 4th Edition of the International IT Constantine 2 Fair 2019 In the fourth edition “Le Salon de l’Informatique”, the focus was on artificial intelligence. This event took place from Tuesday the 12th to Thursday 14 November 2019, at the NTIC campus. It [...]