4th Computer Fair in Constantine: primary school pupils introduced to robotics – APS –

The APS reported on the event and devoted the article to the experience of giving an introduction to robotics and artificial intelligence to primary school pupils.

This is a translation of the original text written in French:

CONSTANTINE – Primary school students benefited from training in robotics and artificial intelligence as part of the activities of the 4th edition of the Computer Fair, organized at Abdelhamid Mehri-Constantine 2 University.

Six (6) supervisors altered theory and practice by using means of pedagogical training in order to teach 32 pupils of the fifth year of the primary school Meziani Cherif of the new administrative district of Ali Mendjeli (Constantine) to use artificial intelligence to program a robot, execute a series of commands such as moving in a course

First of its kind in the wilaya of Constantine, the training held at the library of the host university, allowed children to learn about the field and techniques of programming “in a simplified way and on global standards ”. APS Houssem Eddine Boulkour, founder and director of the startup Al Djazari, partner of this event.

The training called “Kids robots” was punctuated by the organization of a competition for the best mastery of the robot on a defined course, it was noted, stressing that the authors of the best performance were rewarded at the end of this training in the presence of parents of students, teachers and representatives of the education department.

“The objective of this initiative is to allow these students to discover the world of robotics and artificial intelligence through the university,” said for his part the president of the organizing committee of this scientist event, Bouramoul Abdelkrim.

The second day of the computer show was marked by the organization of competitions, conferences as well as several training workshops on recent advances in the field of artificial intelligence, it was reported.

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